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Fall is all about the details - ruffles, rivets, and logos...

Moschino Borsa Tracolla 'Ruffle' Handbag
Moschino Borsa Tracolla 'Ruffle' Handbag
BE & D Kan Kan Tote
BE & D Kan Kan Tote
Chanel Large Patent Leather Quilted Tote
Chanel Large Patent Leather Quilted Tote

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Jimmy Choo Taytan Leather Clutch

Don't ask Mom! A purse poll we recently conducted found that most women do not get their style cues from the maternal one. As you know, most of us are born with a purse instinct that simply cannot be explained.

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Paris Hilton Shops Like No Other

Tracy Reese 'Cecily' Flap Satchel
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Vintage-Inspired Bag by Grace Byrd Antique Handbags

  • Not an urban myth! One out of every four handbags tested positive for bacteria. Read how to keep your purse E COLI-free at Bag ER.

  • Don't give up your favorite bag! Repair it yourself or send it to handbag professionals!

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  • High-dollar hankerings for purses got you overloaded? Economize and rent a bag!

  • Why are the women of the red carpet clutching Jalda bags? For one, they are heart-stoppingly beautiful purses that balance classic style with daring individuality.

Rachel Bilson carries the Zac Posen Aurora Bag
  • Celebrity Watch: Bag Alert! Rachel Bilson carries the highly coveted Zac Posen Aurora bag. Just look at that sexy, rich color! Zac Posen flips a "grandma" bag into something totally fab. Good luck getting your hands on this "It" bag, ladies!

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Pucci Light Blue Printed Grosgrain Tote

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  • Does your purse have all the elements of chic? Or is it a holdover from a few years back? Check the latest benchmarks of purse style to find out!

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Marc Jacobs Stam Bag in Truffle, $1350, available at eLUXURY
Marc Jacobs Stam Bag in Truffle, $1455, available at eLUXURY.com.

This is the most coveted Marc Jacobs bag out there right now: the quilted Stam bag in "Truffle", an electric blue that will whisk you through all the seasons. This bag is guaranteed to make you the envy of women all over the globe, but is it worth the gag-inducing $1350 price tag?

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