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Given the crucial role handbags play in life it's not surprising that they make the headlines quite regularly.

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  • Are you on the waiting list for the $12K Prada bag? Not joking. It's a looooong line.

  • It's official. The handbag is the most expensive accessory reports Purses that cost at least $15K:Yves St Laurent's Muse, Prada's Frame Bag, Zac Posen's Alexia, Ralph Lauren's Ricky, Chloe's Paddington, Gucci's Boston and Bottega Veneta's Bambina.

June 2006

Fendi sues Wal-Mart over sales of fake handbags:
Italian fashion group Fendi S.R.L. sued Wal-Mart Stores U.S. federal court on Friday 9 June 2006, accusing the world's largest retailer of selling counterfeit handbags and passing them off as genuine at its Sam's Club warehouse stores. Click the link to read more about it.

Read about the Handbag story that has kept New Zealanders entertained in the past few days. The $30 vinyl handbag became famous when Umaga hit teammate Chris Masoe over the head with it at a Christchurch pub early on Sunday morning, after the Hurricanes had lost the Super 14 final to the Crusaders the night before. It was later bought for $19,200 on an auction site

Gwen Stefani To Go To Court Over Handbag Designs?
Gwen Stefani may be forced to go to court over claims she stole designs for her L.A.M.B range from another fashion label.

Handbag Thefts and Losses Cost British Women £4.9bn Handbag thefts and losses are costing British women £4.9bn according to research out on 5 June.

New website aims to report and map handbag theft in London and across the UK.

Recycled purses wow NY, Miami Mexican artisans turn trash into fashion by selling candy wrapper purses globally. [Interested in purses with a difference - go to see more of them in our Fair trade purses page]

Are you interested in the ugliest designer handbags for Fall, 2007? According to the Los Angeles Times, there are some really expensive monstrosities out there! What is your opinion?

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