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Coco Chanel’s dwelling place Chinese screens Chanel, famous for Chanel bags, once said, “when I was 18 years old , I felt in love with Chinese screen. Stepping into a Chinese antique shop, I was extremely exiting, that’s my first time of catching a glimpse of Chinese screen, and also my first time collecting it.” Coco Chanel had collected 32 pieces of Chinese ebony screens, which were used for decorating her rooms, for wall paper or separation. It was said that she used screen to block the door, so that she could retain her guests invited for banquet. Coco Chanel and her lover Boy Capel found the exquisite beauty of Chinese ebony screen, showing their special tastes for Chinese art. The lacquer craft of china dated back to Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 to AD 1644 ) in Hunan province, which were on mythology, emperor and landscapes. It is a special form of art beyond spiritual level. Camellia Camelliasuch kind of pure flower, attracted Miss Chanel, then felt in love with it. Camellia has her own world, scattered in the Chinese ebony screens, celling lamps or crystal flower. When refers to flowers, people may associated them with many spirit. Camellia, in Chinese tradition, means purity and long life. Coco Chanel preferred to decorate her garderobe with Camellia, which symbolized her spiritual level. Duke”s boxes Chanel once had predestined relationship with England richest duck in 1920’s. On the desk of her dwelling place, there are three gilded silver boxes, which are her received gifts. The metal surface covers the inner luxurious gold-plating. The Duke intended to present her the special luxurious beauty—the true luxury is hided deeply. The special concept of luxury spreads fast in the domain of fashion. it also a show of Coco Chanel’s voice, “grace comes from both inner and outside beauty.”
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