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Nothing says you do right by carrying a bag for a cause. Handbag designers are increasingly making a design or two that benefits a charity. Know of other handbags where some of the profits go to help a charity? Add them here by clicking on the Easy Edit tab.

Clutch for Cures - Benefiting 6 Different Charities

If you are looking for a purse that says "WOW" and also benefits a truly worthy Clutch for Cures Collection
cause you owe it to yourself to checkout the Clutch for Cures collection by
K.Peer Designs. Available in six different styles, each style benefits a different charity. The collection was inspired by the popular magazine clutch purses of the 1960's and each cover features a different Hollywood icon. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Clara Bow, Sara Jane and Grace Kelly together create the 2009 collection. Each of the six benefiting charities was selected specifically for the actress that is featured on that charities purse and is based on a personal experience in the actresses' life. For example; Audrey Hepburn lost her life to colon cancer, therefore a $10 donation is made to the Colon Cancer Alliance each time an Audrey Hepburn clutch is purchased. Additional causes included the fight against breast cancer, domestic violence, depression and suicide prevention, children in foster care and the education of youth about the dangers of smoking. To purchase a Clutch for Cures purse, or to learn more about the benefiting charities, please visit

Maddy Moo Creations Erin Bag
Maddy Moo Creations is proud to introduce the Erin bag, whose funky, vibrant design lets you tote your gear with style and a generous amount of goodwill. The Erin was named for Ricky James (whose sister is Erin), and Erin Roderick, who succumbed to their life-threatening illnesses. As you proudly carry an Erin from day to day, the spirits of these two amazing souls will shine for the world to see.

Proceeds from each Erin bag will be donated to My Camp Sunshine and the charities, chosen by the families of Erin and Ricky to honor the memories of both beloved children.

For more information on Maddy Moo Creations or the Erin bag, visit us online at

Cotton & Cloud Charity Purse Kit

Make your own purse and donate some money to charity at the same time! Cotton & Cloud's charity purse kits "Make for Charity" bring crafting and charity together. Money will be donated to a named charity (or a charity of your choice) each time the kit is purchased. The kit contains everything you need to make your own frame purse including beautiful limited edition Japanese fabrics. For more information, visit Cotton & Cloud' blog.

Clothes Off Our Back: Celebrity Clothing Auctions

Talk about WIN-WIN. "Clothes Off Our Back was founded by actors and philanthropists Jane Kaczmarek ("Malcolm In The Middle") and Bradley Whitford ("The West Wing" and new show "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip") whose efforts, along with their celebrity and designer friends have helped improve the lives of children across the globe.

You get the cast-offs of a celeb or from a movie set. You have 1. Great tale, 2. Great purse, 3. Great cause (money goes to charity), and 4. Potentially - an investment. NOW going: the 2007 Auction from the awards shows. No handbags but amazing deals!

Nest has a little more unique of a nonprofit vision. It'sa nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of women in developing countries. The mission of Nest is to support women artists and artisans in the developing world by helping them create sustainable entrepreneurial businesses. Nest will do this by providing micro-credit loans to be used for the purchase of the supplies and materials necessary to begin and/or maintain art or craft-based businesses. Most of the products are made by women in the U.S., but the sale goes toward helping with microloans in developing countries. Women, art and do-it-yourselfers unite. Beautiful purses to boot, most handmade by a crafty gal.

Charity Handbags - It's All in the BagStone Mountain Pink Satchel

Proceeds go to breast cancer research. Give it a look. Very girly and if carrying something this sweet helps fund a good cause, why, you almost have to buy!

Twenty percent of the proceeds from the sales of the GRACE bag ($75) go towards the Young Survival Coalition.YSC is the only international, nonprofit network of breast cancer survivors and supporters dedicated to the concerns and issues that are unique to young women and breast cancer. Through action, advocacy and awareness, the YSC seeks to educate the medical, research, breast cancer and legislative communities and to persuade them to address breast cancer in women 40 and under. The YSC also serves as a point of contact for young women living with breast cancer.For more informaiton, visit:

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