Cosmetic Bags

Nothing lasts forever, makeup included. Refreshing one's face is mandatory if you want to look your best. Maintain the mystery of your stunning good looks with these beauty arsenals - commonly called cosmetic bags - tucked into your purse.

bobbi brown cosmetic bagA woman on the go has got to be ready with a compact carrier of all her essentials. Makeup, no matter how fantastic, does need to be refreshed. Here are the essentials of carrying just the right stuff to keep you looking sharp.

And, just for the record, dermatologists are advising women to put away moisturizer and go with a daily sunscreen no matter the weather.Sunsreen nutrotous the skin of natural vitamins!

Cosmetic bags - It's All in the BagGreat cosmetic bags: Can't be too big or too small and definitely must be easy to use.

The essentials of any great makeup bag: Is that bulky eyelash curler really a necessity on the go? You bet your your batting lashes it is!
Cosmetic bags - It's All in the Bag
Etiquette for when and how to put on makeup: Pop quiz: You are sitting at a restaurant with white table cloths and your date has excused himself to hit the head. Do you pull out the lipstick? Click here for answers.

How about a personalized cosmetic bag? Try Bagettes.
Cosmetic Bags - Handbags

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