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Hey, is that a Dooney & Bourke, all-weather leather? Hard to miss, isn’t it? The patterned, stamped designer initials made popular by designers such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Gucci have become a standard for the brandies. But beyond the name recognition, what do these purses offer? Are they stylistically worth their price? That all depends on the purse owner. Does it make sense for someone on a tight budget to invest in a $900 handbag? Not likely. Sure, celebs are always getting snapped with their fancy purses slung artlessly at their sides, but come on -- most of the rich and famous get those bags for free.
If you can afford it and want to invest in the designer bag, you notice that the workmanship is generally superb, from the wonderfully heavy zippers to silky interiors and soft, nearly creamy leather. One also has to give the nod to the designs. Fancy fashion houses have good designers and their talent is reflected in the finished product.

Of late, there has been a lot of ink on the fake handbag subject. Be sure to read the section on fakes and knockoffs. How to tell the difference? Ha! You’ll know.

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Hot-selling designer bags

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Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle BagBalenciaga: Large, roomy and riveted.

Chanel Designer BagChanel:
Interlocking Cs make for am obvious brand identity, but the styles are rather understated and colors work well with nearly every palette...

JP Tods

JP Tods:
Plainer styles, but beautifully colored leather and deerskin bags.

Designer Handbags - It's All in the BagLouis Vuitton:
Unmistakable print. Good craftsmanship.

Pucci Designer BagPucci:
Gorgeous material, like printed silk scarves.

MICHAEL Double Pocket Duffel

Michael Kors:
High quality, solid purses; classic styles without garish brand-name tells. Particularly beautiful is the MICHAEL Double Pocket Duffle.

Furla Shoulder Bag

A little like Tods and MICHAEL brands but perhaps a little edgier.

D & B Croco SlouchDooney & Bourke: Has a monogram pattern as well as plain styles. D&Bs seem to have rather distinctive pockets or zippers. Nicely made, but not too subtle.

Hobo International Designer Bag
Hobo International:
Started by a designer who cut her teeth doing 1970s leather for appreciative hippies. Low-key and well-made.

Kooba Designer Bag

Kooba: Koobas are very in with young fashionista celebs like Avril Lavigne.

Coach Daphne Straw Top Handle Bag
Coach: Classic style and construction; understated elegance.

Fendi Spring B-Bag
Fendi: When in doubt (and in the dough), go Italian.

Burberry: Conservative and classic styling.

dot noel mini pauletteKate Spade: A handbag empire born out of one woman's (okay, her boyfriend/now-husband helped too) very simple desire to have a unique handbag; this line of six signature shapes celebrate color, fabric, and high utility.

DiorDior: The name that embodies French haute couture for most people, Dior still creates highly coveted and modern-styled handbags. Not your grandmother's ready-to-wear.

ChloeChloé: The brand's signature is a street-savvy boho-slash-'70s aesthetic.


Prada: There's no mistaking what handbag you're carrying when you sling a Prada over your arm -- you can see the brand at 20 paces.

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