Guilt-Free Handbags

Don't Feel guilty about that purse...

That moment after you have spent too much on a purse and are walking away trying to justify dropping so much coin on something made to actually carry the coin. I mean, shouldn't you be squirreling away into your 401K or giving more in the collection plate? There are cheaper ways to shop. Try renting a bag. Or buying on sale. Or winning a bag for FREE. Or buying from a new designer BEFORE Jessica Simpson starts toting one down the red carpet.

Or how about a bag that actually belonged to a celebrity? Many well-heeled and kind-hearted famous folks put their purses up for auction to help raise money for good causes.

Or buy used - as in vintage. Beautiful styles.

And sometimes, just talking it out can help assuage the guilt. You're safe here. Go ahead and share in Bag Confessions.

Beauty hurts - More than just the pocketbook, babe. Sometimes those who suffer for fashion aren't going for a look. They are the handbag makers and animals used in purse products. But you can feel better and still be toting a wicked cute bag.

Charity Handbags

Not all are in it for (all) the the money. Fashion week was awash in the little pink ribbons that signify support for breast cancer research. And some designers even make their own bags just for increased awareness and to help a good cause.

Fair Trade Bags

Ease your mind at that last naughty handbag splurge by buying fair trade or from a company who donates a percentage of profits to a good cause! Help individual people in poverty have a better life, aid developing countries, spend far less than you normally would and best of all -- end up with a really great bag! What's stopping you?!

Recycled Bags

Like used stuff, as in used? Purses are like gardens in winter: they need good bones. So don't worry about wheher the purse is made of pure goat leather or candy wrappers or bike tires, look at the shape!

Vegan Bags

Does the idea of putting so much lip gloss on a little rabbit that it makes her sick -- just sicken you? Or the leather harvest? You're a softie, and you're not alone. Buy purses with conviction!

Guilt-Free Handbags - It's All in the Bag