Handbag Dos and Don'ts

Following is a list of handbag dos and don'ts.

Do you follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to your handbags?
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DO change your handbag with the seasons.

DO give your “A” bag a summer vacation and pick something a little more fun for summer.

DO segregate stain-causing lipsticks, pens, makeup, lotion, and lip glosses in a plastic bag inside of your purse.

DO treat your purse like a good pair of shoes: Polish and clean it once in a while. If it breaks or frays, have it repaired!

DO choose a purse that matches your daily lifestyle and looks good with your clothes.

DO keep a little something fun in your purse, such as a perfume sample.

DO store your purses stuffed to help them keep their shape.

DO air out your purses if they get a little stale-smelling.

DO leave your checkbook at home. That’s too much information in one little bag.

And now, for the DON'Ts

DON’T go cheap on cleaning your purse -- even those that are made of material. There is a lot of vintage fabric out there that should be hand-washed.

DON’T buy a knockoff purse.

DON’T let a salesperson talk you into a purse that doesn't already make your heart sing.

DON’T wear your purse or messenger bag across your chest unless you are riding a bike. At some point, it will get stuck between your breasts and you will look silly.

DON’T compromise when you find THE purse. Within reason, of course.

DON’T think that a good purse will only last one year.

DON’T stash your purse in your gym bag.

DON’T worry about matching your purse to your wallet.

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