Laptop Bags

No need to settle for negative style points just because you have a laptop to carry. Laptop bags are making unbelievable style gains. Below are some of the top contenders. Want more to browse? Try SheFinds' reviews of her best laptop bags.

Laptop Bags - Handbags

The Barcelona Bag - a modern classic. Available for $325
from Zegari.

Laptop Bags - It's All in the Bag
Pinder laptop bag made of Nylon Cordura. Sharp, sleek and tight. Nicely priced at $29. New line just in with extra thin bags for extra thin laptops. Solid bags for great prices.
Laptop Bags - It's All in the Bag

So cool it's hot. You won't get your computer bag mixed up with another black leatherette with the bold, bold designs. Durable. Oh, and on sale for $49 at CaseClosed.

acme slim
Here is the laptop case that rivals a true purse. Gorgeous, stain-resistant, padded in all the right places with a satin interior. Many patterns. Sublime. See the good stuff at Acmebags. Prices are $149 to $175.

Laptop Bags - Handbags
The minimalist -
Carry all of your gadgets in
style without carrying a huge
road warrior bag. $285 from zegari

Laptop Bags - It's All in the Bag

If ever you wanted to lug a laptop with the serenity of a geisha, Wabags' laptop line is up to it. Ten colors. $89.

ropin' cowgirl

The Ropin' Cowgirl bag from CaseClosed. Nothing says you mean business like this red flag of a bag. Exterior back pocket for your lasso or powercord. $149.

Laptop Bags - It's All in the Bag

BIlled as the laptop bag for ladies who work and lunch, these bags convey that weekend tote. Sure to garner many "Where did you find that" queries. Around $125 from Marka.

Laptop Bags - It's All in the Bag

This bag wins the sweetness vote. Couldn't be preppier. Big enough for a 15" laptop. Extra room for headbands and worn copy of Catcher in the Rye. Penelopebags, and just $59.

Laptop Bags - It's All in the Bag

Chrome Industries makes laptop bags like they get that the bag is heavy. Chic shoulder sling is discontinued and selling for just $70.

Laptop Bags - It's All in the Bag

The hot new laptop bag with a waiting list from Plastic People Design. Comes with sleeve and make-up bag. Four colors, about $170.
Skooba SkinThe Skooba Skin by Skooba Design transforms from padded laptop sleeve to tote with a flip of the flap. Comes in various sizes and colors. $28 - $40.

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