Prada bag
Men! We know you have one....a handbag, that is.
Ella Maiden cowhide travel bagOh, you don't call them that but that's what they are really. So enquiring minds want to know -- Do you use one? What do you put in it? Does it matter what it looks like? Do you go for a designer bag or is that Just Not Right? Or do you play it safe and go for a backpack or satchel? Hmm...

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man and his bags

In China, it seems a bag is the fashion accessory du jour.
Apparently, if it's leather or lizard, brown or black, then it's
acceptable to carry one.

While women are used to carrying a 'toolkit' of stuff, men have learned to carry just their keys, money and perhaps a handkerchief. Will men learn to stuff their handbags or will they just ditch them?


Oakley SI Vertical Computer Bag
1. "X-Ray" Flap Messenger - Stylish Men's Bag from Guess

2. Men's Bag "Medal Weekender" - Baggy Duffel from Triple 5 Soul

3. Oakley SI Vertical Computer Bag (pictured above)

4. Dopp "Courier" Oganizer Small Men's Bag with Great Styling

5. Executive Duffel Bags make Perfect Bags for Men

OK! So make your own vote count.

What's at the top of your manbag list?

EM Black & White men's bags

Men and bags - Food for thought

Do you agree with Sharie Derrickson that men and women have fundamental differences with regard to handbags? Let us know your opinion - and also read Sharie's blog to find out that it was actually MEN who carried the first handbags! So somehow it might even be in their genes!

Cathy Feldman's article 'The Man Purse Revisited' is also worth a visit. As she writes 'wouldn't it be nice, ladies, if your man could carry your make-up or mobile phone? Do we dare to dream about a day when our significant other reaches into his Murse and passes us a tissue during one of those horribly depressing chick flicks we all know and love?'

Of course, to carry a Manbag, you have to be very secure in your sexuality, whichever team you play for!

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