Messenger Bags/ Original Geisha

Messenger Bags/ Original Geisha - Handbags

People are using them in place of briefcases, laptop bags, and totes - messenger bags are all over the urban landscape and recently they've become quite stylish, especially since they're a much cheaper alternative to popular designer handbags.

One the big names is Timbuk2 who make bags tough enough even a bike messenger would sling them over their shoulder but trendy enough that models will take them to out on their calls.

Geisha messenger bagOne of the up and comers on the messenger bag scene is Scent-of-art - a company or artist group that specializes in air brushing. These folks went from murals and custom truck art to messenger bags just this month! (Febuary 2007). Have a look at their painted/airbrushed Geisha Bag. Handmade! Groovy enough to invoke 1973 and hearing Earth Wind and Fire jamming on an outdoor stage.

Scent Of Art is a new outift that specializes in customization of oils, incense and fashion customization. The company also paints murals on everything from car hoods to Zoo walls. Messenger Bags/ Original Geisha - Handbags

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