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Most Expensive Designer Handbags

By: Myke Castaneda

Do you have some cash to throw or burn? Be glamorous and carry one of the most expensive designer bags and handbags for that much coveted fashion extravagance!

It’s the handbag that makes the woman” and these expensive bags are much aspired for its rarity and grandiose. It’s the limited supply, status and high quality of these expensive hand bags that makes every woman all flushed and excited to scamper and check these status bags out.

If guys are obsessed with an exquisite car or upscale shoes, it’s the most expensive designer handbags for the ladies. If you don’t have the cash, don’t worry, you are not alone. But feel free to check out the most expensive designer handbags for the pompous, well-to-do, uptown girls!


22. Devi Kroell Crystal Disco Ball
Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Devi Kroell Crystal Disco Ball Image 2 Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Devi Kroell Crystal Disco Ball Image
Extravagant Price: $4,900
Keep lusting for this funky but gorgeous bag! Devi Kroell, who was known for his metallic style and skinsnake hobos, gives this Crystal Disco Ball a glamorous advantage by covering the handbag with lustrous black crystals.

*(2,606 pounds, 3,824 euros, 223,146 rupees, C$5,490, A$6,529)

21. Bottega VenetaBambina Handbag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Bottega Veneta Bambina Handbag Image

Extravagant Price: $7,800

Bottega Veneta may not be as recognizable as a Louis Vuitton or Chanel designer label but its designer handbag Bottega Veneta “Bambina” provides glamour and quality for ladies. The soft crocodile, light-brown Bambina collection has a suede lining and a fashionable magnetic lock.

*(4,148 pounds, 6,087 euros, 355,212 rupees, C$8,740, A$10,394)

20. Gucci Boston Hand Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Gucci Boston Handbag Image

Extravagant Price: $11,990-plus

Everyone would surely get excited with this Gucci Boston bag. This medium sized crocodile bag, with a stylish bamboo handle and gold ringlets would cost you almost $12,000. A larger version of this Gucci bag is priced at $13,900. Whether it’s a Gucci small boston bag or a Gucci charmy medium Boston bag, it’s definitely every woman’s fancy.

*(6,376 pounds, 9,357 euros, 546,025 rupees, C$13,435, A$15,977)

19. Chloe Paddington Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Chloe Paddington Bag Image

Extravagant Price: $12,880

A brand new gorgeous black handbag, the Chloe Paddington handbag stands out as “the handbag of a fashionista.” The Paddington satchel with its prominent golden padlock is on high demand that Bergdorf Goodman do not allow customers to buy more than three of these luxury Chloe Paddington bags within 30 days.

You can get this “sexiest arm candy for women” gray leather version at a price of $13,000.

*(6,850 pounds, 10,052 euros, 586,555 rupees, C$14,432, A$17,163)

18. Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag Picture

Extravagant Price: $14,000
Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Pink Ralph Lauren Ricky Handbag Image
Delicately crafted from rare American alligator and finished with Italian hardware, this stunning luxury falls to top 17 notch. The Ralph Lauren classic Ricky bag creation was inspired by a vintage bag, the Cooper Saddle Carrier.
The latest of this exclusive Ralph Lauren collection is named after his wife. The Ralph Lauren Ricky bag is available in shimmering silver crocodile.

For a shocking pink alligator version of this Ralph Lauren Ricky handbag, run fast ladies because only 12 Pink Alligator Ralph Lauren Ricky bags were made. 6 are already sold and only 6 are left!
*(7,445 pounds, 10,926 euros, 637,560 rupees, C$15,687, A$18,655)

17. Zac Posen Alexia Handbag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Zac Posen Alexia Handbag

Extravagant Price: $15,000

A must have bag for the rich ladies, the Zac Posen Alexia bag is a delicately structured bag with an edgy golden hardware accent. This blue crocodile “It bag” sits on our top 17 slot.

*(7,977 pounds, 11,706 euros, 683,100 rupees, C$16,808, A$19,988)

16. LEIBER Dandelion Suede Gator Handbag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Leiber Dandelion Suede Gator Handbag
Extravagant Price: $15,000

This LEIBER Dandelion Suede Gator handbag is definitely for the hippest fashion freaks! With its bright and springtime yellow color, this alligator LEIBER bag is sure to turn you ladies infatuated.

At $15,000 – no need to think twice because this yellow Dandelion Gator handbag with 18 carat gold chains is a VERY limited offer. Only 4 are made!

For more information, visit

15. Prada Frame Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Prada Frame Bag Image

Extravagant Price: $15,090

This Prada Jacquard Frame Bag first appeared during the Autumn/ Winter 2006 fashion runway at Milan. This exquisitely crafted handbag embellished with the Prada trademark is available in Krusca tan color.

*(8,025 pounds, 11,776 euros, 687,199 rupees, C$16,908, A$20,107)

14. Yves Saint Lauren Muse

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Yves Saint Lauren Muse Image

Extravagant Price: $18,990

The oversized Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag has transformed from what seems to be a bowling bag to a classic carry of famous people. This stylish, spacious, and comfortable hand carry simply oozes with elegance.

13.Hermès Birkin Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Hermes Birkin Bag Picture

Extravagant Price: $20,000-plus

One of the most coveted fashion accessories ever! Girls fall in waiting line for the much delighted Hermès Birkin bag. You can bag this elusive red leather version at $20,000 plus, depending on skin and structure.

*(10,636 pounds, 15,608 euros, 910,800 rupees, C$22,410, A$26,650)

12. Fendi "B Bag"

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Fendi B Bag Picture Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Fendi B Bag With Floral Beading Image
Extravagant Price: $27,700
The next “It” bag, this fabulous Fendi B bag graced with two stylish and oversized buckles is Fendi’s top seller after the Baguette.

*(14,731 pounds, 21,617 euros, 1.2M rupees, C$31,038, A$36,910)

11. Devi Kroell Alligator Hobo

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Devi Kroell Alligator Hobo Image

Extravagant Price: $28,990

A triangular shaped soft tote bag, this extravagant Devi Kroell Alligator Hobo is a perfect apparel for your office attire. It is roomy enough to put your laptop and refined with extra storage pockets for all your extra gadgets and accessories.

For more information, visit

10. Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag Image

Extravagant Price: $30,000

It’s a hefty price but that didn’t stop Marc Jacobs Carolyn bag lovers from grabbing this lavish handbag. It is made of purple crocodile skin with quilted designs and interior pockets and separators.

For more information visit

9. Nancy Gonzalez Porousus Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Nancy Gonzalez Porousus Bag Picture

Extravagant Price: $30,000

Crafted with supreme excellent quality of crocodile skin, the Nancy Gonzalez Porousus bag is a rare find. A perfect evening bag but with an outrageous price. This near perfect bag will cost you as much as the price of a Honda Accord Coupe car. If you already have a car then I vouch you take the bag.

For more information, visit

8. Fendi Selleria Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Fendi Selleria Bag Image

Extravagant Price: $38,000

A luxurious and sexy leather bag, the Fendi Selleria bag is made of sable or Chinchilla, two of the most rarest and most expensive animal skins. Crafted using Roman techniques this bag is delicately structured to be soft, pliable and smooth in texture. Take your pick on the Fendi Selleria bag that can be made to order.

For more information, visit

7. Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino Picture

Extravagant Price: $38,470

Made of white crocodile skin and embellished with 39 diamonds, this bag makes it successfully in the most extravagant bags list. A bejeweled bag like this is not uncommon but the quality and design that the Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino created for this Gadino bag makes you appreciate it not from a distance, but in a closer look.

Get this bag in exchange of a brand new SUV or a first class trip around the world, shopping spree included? All these choices worth $38,470.

For more information, visit

6. LV (Louis Vuitton) Tribute Patchwork Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag Image
Extravagant Price: $42,000

This Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag combines 15 different Louis Vuitton samples. A lot of critics disparage this tote’s design and has gotten mixed reviews in public but it has made it to the extravagant list. Four are sold out in U.S. and 20 are available in LV boutiques through out Asia and Europe.

For more information, visit

5. Leiber Precious Rose Handbag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Leiber Precious Rose Handbag Picture

Extravagant Price: $92,000

Delicately shaped like a flower, the LEIBER Precious Rose hand bag is a precious find. This bag incorporates a total glint of 1,016 shiny shimmering diamonds, 1169 pink sapphires and 800 pink tourmalines, set majestically in 18-carat white gold. If you have $92,000 better hurry because the Leiber Precious Rose handbag is only ONE in the WORLD.

For more information, visit

4. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag Image

Extravagant Price: $100,000

This Lana Marks Cleopatra bag so far ranks third on the most extravagant handbags list. Every year, designer Lana Marks produces one captivating and spectacular handbag for retail. One of Lana Marks’ rare and stunning collections is the Cleopatra clutch bag crafted in metallic silver alligator suit incorporated with 1,500 fully furnished black and white diamonds that sit tight in place in an 18-carat white gold structure.

For more information, visit

3. Hermès Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag Image

Extravagant Price: $120,000

Cream of the crop among status bags, the Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag is an elegant creation that graced the arms of most fashion icons. This stylish handbag is carefully designed with a white gold clasp elaborated with 10 carats of stunning diamonds.

The Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin is again another rare find since it has only ONE available worldwide.

2. Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Picture

Extravagant Price: $150,000

This Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag exhibits a different taste of fashion. Incorporated with what designers call “urban charms,” the bag is crafted with all sorts of urban rubbish you can find from shrimp tails, band aid, cigarette packets, tea bags to gums and used water bottle.

Though it has been described as “Fugly” and was declared one of the ugliest bags, this one-of-a-kind luxury is a hit to the rich and famous teenagers. It has been said that the Olsen twins signed a multi-billion dollar deal to advertise this expensive and totally outrageous bag and are fighting over who gets to purchase it. Other rumors are that Anna Wintour and Victoria are locked in a nasty bidding war to get it.

1. The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag

Most Expensive Designer Bags Handbags: Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag

Extravagant Price: $261,000

This is the world’s most priced bag. You can only get obsessed with its superior and lavish demeanor but this bag is definitely not that easy to bag!

This Chanel Diamond Forever Classic hand bag is overflowing with extravagance with its 334 diamonds, that’s a head spinning 3.56 carats in total, magnificently seated in an 18-carat white gold frame. It has long shoulder chain straps made of 18-carat gold.

There are only 13 Chanel Diamond Forever bags created.

For more information, visit

Recently another extravagant bag is added on the list:

Most Expensive Designer Bags and Handbags Photo

Extravagant Price: £1 million

Made of platinum with over 2,000 glimmering diamonds. It is described as a versatile bag with many uses. You can use the diamond-beaded strap as a necklace or bracelet simply by detaching it from the bag. The bag is embellished with an 8-carat pear shaped shimmering diamond that can also be used as a separate accessory.

This extravagant designer hand bag is created by Ginza Tanaka a Japanese Designer. This handbag would be exhibited in several London shops first.


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