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I just checked out the website listed as a rental "" and wanted to add a few notes. First of all, in order to get the 15% discount to use in their outlet, you have to pay up for a PAYING membership, not the Free Guest membership. Memberships range from $69 - $119/month.

Use the "Netflix of purses" by renting chic new bags

Keep the armslung equity in the wallet and my favorite -- eliminate clutter -- by renting handbags. Sign up to join the handbag rental clubs at levels ranging from basic to couture. New purses are fresh! Here are your options. Anyone whose ever used the rent a bag option, tell us how it works. Use Easy Edit and Share!

Bag Borrow or Steal
costs around ten dollars a month to join, but then you pay from $15 to $275 a month to rent a handbag. Add in a little insurance and shipping ($10) and there it is! They have the big names here: Chloe, Balenciaga, Coach, Fendi, Ferragamo and much, much more. The really hot styles have wait list instead of a borrow option.

From Bags to Riches has lots to choose as well but slightly more complicated rental lengths and pricing structure; on the other hand, each bag comes with $100 insurance. First-timers have a limited bag rental but there is also a free trial with some pretty darling little bags to choose among. And there is a Club Diva incentive program (think frequent flyer miles for handbag rentals) that's enticing.

HandBag Borrowers
provides reviews on handbag rental services as well as information on current promotions and detailed information about designer brands that are available for rent.

RENTMEAHANDBAG have you heard of this new upcoming site called They are going to have one monthly flat fee for each level of handbags, with free usa shipping! and they said they are going to rent designer shoes and clothing as well as handbags. you can have 2 items out and keep them for however long you want on each level. You can also rent them for a trial period of one week on any level. And when you sign up early they will give you 15% off promo code in there outlet store for as long as your member of rentmeahandbag. AND 50% off your first month rental! go check it out I heard they will launch in march! I use to shop on there ebay store at Luxury Fashion Designers.

Rent a bag tales

AngelaB - I got hooked on renting bags after just one rental! I went to Avelle (formerly Bag Borrow or Steal) and borrowed a Tracy Reese bag. Loved it! Returned it! Currently borrowing a Rafe woven summer clutch and a Kate Spade woven tote.

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