Take the Purse Poll

What kind of handbagger are you?

Because it's worth knowing. A good purse separates us from the other half, as we have said before!

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Take this poll and find out!
Feel free to add questions of your own.

1. How many handbags do you own?

A. None
B. 3
C. 10
D. 20 or more

2. How often do you buy a new handbag?

A. I don’t
B. Twice a year
C. Whenever I see one that I must have
D. Every season -- at least

3. How often do you switch handbags?

A. I don’t
B. With the seasons
C. Whenever it strikes me -- i.e. a night out, every couple of weeks or month
D. Daily

4. Does your wallet match your handbag?

A. No
B. They look good together but aren’t a set
C. They are a perfect pair
D. They are both stand-alone pieces

5. How many items are you carrying in your purse right now?

A. 3
B. 3 to 5
C. 5 to 10
D. Do you count shoes as one or two?

6. Tally up your loose change. You have:

A. Less than a dollar
B. More than two dollars
C. Wow! A dollar’s worth of pennies and enough for a night out
D. Just a bit of jingle tucked into a coin purse


Purse-aholic rating scale: For every A answer, you get a red point. For every B answer, give yourself a blinking red point. For every C answer, a yellow point, and for every D answer, give yourself a green light. Now, picture you are at a traffic signal at the great handbag thoroughfare ...

Red lights: There has been talk of ladies like you ... Your purse choices show you to be neither materialistic nor trendy. We don’t know what your purse looks like but chances are, we won’t want to buy it on eBay. Or borrow it.

Blinking red lights: You probably have purses in perspective. You like them, but they don’t rule you. You pick purses that do the job rather than make a statement about you. You carry a library card. You think Tod is misspelled.

Yellow lights: You’re normal! You think that world hunger is far more important than silly old handbags, but, hey, you did take the poll, right? You have some nice bags and some duds, but the duds were gifts or didn’t cost all that much. The point is, you know what a good bag is but you likely have purse fanaticism held safely at bay.

Green lights: You’re a certifiable purse nut, you have incredible bags, and can spot a Balenciaga at forty paces. You look in a three-way mirror when “trying on” purses. You spend a lot of money on purses and you keep them close to you.

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