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This website has something for everyones taste. Ranging from vintage daytime purses - to vintage evening bags - to vintage designer collector handbags, the assortment is huge and affordable.
Vintage Bags - It's All in the Bag

The buzz on vintage bags is that one needs to brush up on what’s interesting in vintage purses. Many older bags, while exhibiting signs of age and wear, have an old-fashioned craftsmanship, making them an overall more durable purse. Serious vintage purse collectors need to study up on what they’re after. eBay is always a good place to start. Look for brand names first and go from there.

Shopping for vintage purses is fun and definitely more of a quest if one if shaking down the bins at Goodwill or going to estate sales and flea markets. If shopping at a legitimate vintage purse dealer, know your stuff. Vintage purses aren’t cheap (the '60's Gucci Bouvier to the left would ding you over $450). Those in good condition from a reputable dealer will still cost a bit of money but not as much as the new stuff. Many think the olden-days leather and hardware are better quality then those made today.

Certainly these bags are more unique and far less trendy. Are you a vintage bag-toting gal? Click EasyEdit to add tips on where and how to get quality vintage purses; add pix of your vintage bags to the photo gallery.

Top Five Tips for Vintage Handbag Collecting

(Courtesy of New York Post fashion editor Serena French)

  1. Do research (see books list below)
  2. Learn to spot fakes (check websites like for tips)
  3. Know your skins
  4. Try flea markets
  5. Join an auction (like Doyle's Couture, Textile, and Accessories auction; it should be mentioned that a Hermes black crocodile Birkin bag went for an astounding $64,800 at a Doyle auction in 2005)

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Books About Collecting Vintage Handbags

The famed Hermes

1920s  Tackle Box Style Satchel by Viki Originals - vintagebag.comNantucket Bag -


Mary Quant bag

Who remembers the sixties? There were some pretty groovy bags holding form with lucite and plastic. On this site you can see other great mod designs and get a 101 on what's to have from this era.

At left here, the 1960s plastic daisy bag similar to the Mary Quant Daisy £80/$140. Plus -- tips on buying your own Mary Quant bag. Did you know that if you sniff inside the purse and you smell something rather chemical, it means the purse is deteriorating and you shouldn't buy it! But the sixties had some very cool looks, instant classics, and good collectibles for the vintage vamp.

Websites for Researching, Buying, and Admiring

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New York Post: "Old Bags (That Shouldn't Be Retired)"
Post fashion editor Serena French writes about the obsession for vintage purses, and provides tips for discovering great finds.

Bag Lady Emporium
A comprehensive site featuring scads of classic handbags for sale; not an emphasis on designer bags.

Createurs de Luxe
Self-proclaimed home of authentic Hermès handbags. You could blow your kids' college fund here, so be forewarned.

Ebay Vintage Handbag Reviews and Guides

Kitschic Boutique
Where it's fashionable to dress and decorate like your grandmother!

Vintage clothing for modern women. Great profiles of some truly amazing finds.
Poshgirl Vintage
This site has some mints! Darling bags, nice quality. Curious about the prices and most of the good stuff appears to be sold. Great for browsing.

Vintage in Style: Vogue Vintage Purses
Promises vintage handbags for every occasion, even your wedding!
Vintage and retro handbags, designer bags and purses, evening bags, retro straw wicker tote bags and purses, and more. A site catering to the serious collector.

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Patent White Evening Bag by Ande - vintagebag.com1930s Alligator Bag - vintagebag.comFrench bridal purse  -

Are you interested in knowing about buying vintage beaded bags and what to look for? Here is a basic do it yourself guide on how to recognize a quality vintage beaded bag.

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