What's in YOUR bag?!

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Cristie Alfie

Name: Emily
Age: 26
From: U.S.A

This is my Cristie Alfie Handbag! I recently recieved it as a gift
from a great friend of mine. I love it. It is big and roomy and has lots of pockets to hold all my things.

I have everything in my purse from medicine to movies that need to be returned to my daughter's diaper.

I love large handbags so I can carry all my important (and not so important!) items everywhere I go.

What's in YOUR bag?! - It's All in the BagName: Marie
Age: 42 or thereabouts!
From: Canada

This is my bag! I am used to travelling and it shows! London A-Z for when I get lost, cellphone to call for help when I get lost and camera to take pictures of the place where I got lost!

Credit cards and lots of cash for all those unexpected retail opportunities!

Lip balm - a lady's gotta keep her lips in good condition! Spare socks (I get cold feet!), tube pass, indigestion tablets ( all those meals on the run) and a very pretty purse my boyfriend bought me!

What's in YOUR bag?! - It's All in the BagName: Sarah
Age: 35
From: London

My bag is always a complete mess and full of really odd things courtesy of my two small boys! Definitely shows signs of a disordered mind!

Wallet, keys, sunglasses - all good so far! Pine cone from walk in the park, woolly sheep won at a local fair and action figure? No idea! but it really is a Mom's bag!

Hang on - lighter and mints!! Should have hidden them - signs of an occasional secret smoking habit - oops!

Old tickets and till receipts and lots more horrors that i can't bear to share!


So come on girls - be brave share your shame (or not!) and send us a list of your contents and a pic too and see what the contents of your bag say about you - and NO CHEATING!!

Name: Alison
Age: Fifty-summat
From: New Zealand.

Contents of bag: 3 assorted pens, small packet tissues, 3 hankies, 1 dead shopping list, large digital camera, cell-phone, spare battery for cell-phone, used tissue, small head-torch, Panadol, lip balm, sundry dockets, two-for-one movie ticket offer (expired), wallet (containing yet more stuff), notebook, small magnifier, wine-list, calculater, comb, small post-its, car charger for cell-phone, Listerine Pocket-pack, film canister with change for parking meters, dog's vacination booklet with many, many small bits of important notes I might need sometime inside, back-up disc for PC, small plastic bags for dog poop, another comb, laundry marking pen, tampons, invoice for father's credit-card account, oh god, why did I even do this.

Name: Tamara
Age: 36
From: London, UK

Ok - no pictures of my bag although it's one of those 'noo meedja' type record bags really.
Contents: silver business card holder (not sure if it's as cool as I think it is); Oyster card; iPod Mini; mobile phone; Blackberry; keys; contact lenses; broken purse; Lockets; tissues; business cards randomly thrown in along with taxi receipts; foundation, ahem - shall we just say 'lady products'; assorted paperwork and a copy of Heat magazine!!

Hmmm not exactly girlie ;)

Name: Cheryl (aka Redhen)
Age: 41
From: Toronto, ON Canada

I have a very cool RED backpack that I bought at the AGO's "The Shape of Colour" exhibit. I carry very few things in my bag.
  • I have my wallet. (cards, photos, bus tokens, no money.)
  • I have a wee kit bag in which I keep: a pocket mirror, packet of tissues, lip balm, small compact of "advil", two small dinosaurs (to distract the boys when we are out and about), two pens, two fine line markers and a small calculator.
  • I also have my sketch book, pencil and measuring tape.
I never leave home without my keys (hooked on my belt loop) or my sunglasses (in the obvious place).

Name: Lucie
Age: 22
From: London UK

I have a beaded bag / hold all thingy with a long handle that I wear on my shoulder. It contains one wallet with numerous credit cards, store cards, (my god I didn't realise I had so many!) loyalty cards, gym card etc. Bottle of water, clean underwear (just in case of accident!), chewing gum, phone, ipod nano, PSP2, flash drive, blackberry (loads of gadgets!!), photos of family and friends in small book, fruit pastilles, half a Mars Bar with accompanying fluff, plasters (for heels), book "My Best Friend's Girl" by Dorothy Koomson, large slightly scary pile of credit card receipts, credit card bills, bank statements, lists, memos etc etc. and also large selection of feminine accoutrements!

So I think that says I am a slightly disorganised gadget freak, with a penchant for uncomfortable shoes who has a terror of being caught in an accident without clean underwear (although I do wear clean underwear every day and if I was going to have an accident I wouldn't be able to get them on in time anyway!!).

I would also like to say that the least used plastic card in my wallet is of course, my gym card :)

From the Grab bag

Quite literally, it turns out that some bags are too good for some filchers to resist. Check out the goods on this lady from Tasmania.

"Welcome to the modern woman's handbag _ all $2680 of it ... phone $900, iPod $600, make-up $500, sunglasses $395, bag $150, fragrance $75, wallet $60. Women's handbags carrying goods worth thousands of dollars, such as beauty therapist Aziza Naqvi's, are the latest targets for thieves."

What's in YOUR bag?! - It's All in the Bag

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