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Gucci - Spring 2006

There are many sites sellin replica handbags, knockoff handbags and all kind ao imitations as louis vuitton inspired handbags
However quality is very different from one onother,. Check this list:

Know your stuff when shopping for designer bags.

Knockoff GucciWhere to buy knockoffs
and heavily-inspired handbags...

Where to Shop Online - It's All in the Bag

Where to buy vintage handbags

Bag Lady Emporium
A comprehensive site featuring scads of classic handbags for sale; not an emphasis on designer bags.

The Kelly bag -- a deal at twice the price of $17,500!Createurs de Luxe
Self-proclaimed home of authentic Hermès handbags. You could blow your kids' college fund here, so be forewarned.

Ebay Vintage Handbag Reviews and Guides

Kitschic Boutique
Where it's fashionable to dress and decorate like your grandmother!

Vintage clothing for modern women. Great profiles of some truly amazing finds.

Vintage in Style: Vogue Vintage Purses
Promises vintage handbags for every occasion, even your wedding!

Vintage and retro handbags, designer bags and purses, evening bags, retro straw wicker tote bags and purses, and more. A site catering to the serious collector.

Where to Shop Online - It's All in the Bag

DIY (do-it-yourself) handbags
PoseyPatch Creations
Boutique style bags, reasonable prices. One-of-a-kind styles.

Choose from an online artisan gallery or upload your own photo for a custom handbag or accessory. Flashbags has put a new innovative twist on the photo bag- own a Flashbag and "carry a conversation."

1154 Lill Studio
Lots of choices here. Both the purse shape and material are varied and original. Prices range from about $60 - $150.

Anna William
Charming purses, very girly. It is easy to pick up a set here, since there are a lot of smaller cosmetic bags as well. Be sure to check the dimensions listed and make sure you have a correct idea of how big or small the purse will be. For the chic mamans, the e-boutique also features a baby line of diaper bags, changing pads, and matching burp cloths.

Oney Designs
Good slice of bag styles and fabrics and some key customization options.

Sojourn Handbags
Fewer styles (eight) to choose from but nice leather touches give this bag a real professional heft. Try the nifty software tool that let's you select a basic style and apply fabric swatches. Bags ship in three weeks.

Viv Pickle
Nicely designed bags with a good selection of styles.

Why not make your own handbag and have complete control over fabric combinations, trims. etc.? Tons of purse patterns are available on this site, including free patterns.

Where to Shop Online - It's All in the Bag

Fun and funky finds, random purse sites

New designers have great stuff for better prices than designers.

For those who don't follow the mob to Saks or Marshall's... Click EasyEdit to add links to the unique handbag makers you favor below.

And for other bags that meet our excruciating handbag standards (style!) have a look at these in our Other bags section: