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Diaper Bags - It's All in the BagWe all know what happens to women when they have a baby: They start dressing like moms. Such as this business at stage left. YIKES!

The past decade has been as good to the diaper bag as it was to real estate. No longer are moms, sixty percent of whom work, resigned to plastic things covered in Pooh with bottles holstered in awful, line-wrecking pockets clearly sewn for convenience.

Diaper bags have gone completely chic. And functional. Trust us! Mothers wouldn't carry them if they weren't practical. And get this - plenty of unisex bags or diaper bags for dudes.

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Diaper Bags - It's All in the Bag
Dante Beatrix Rickrack Diaper Bag
Diaper Bags - It's All in the Bag
Diaper Dude Dragon Diaper Bag
Diaper Bags - It's All in the Bag
Fleurville Tote
Diaper Bags - It's All in the Bag
Fleurville DJ Diaper Bag
Diaper Bags - It's All in the Bag

2 Red Hens Diaper Bag
Diaper Bags - It's All in the Bag
kate spade 'flatiron - henry' baby bag

Pottery Barn: $39
pottery barn
Hey Nantucket and summers in Maine! The canvas bag always makes a little show around summer when we all imagine these little numbers stalwartly holding a family's good-time goods. But this preppy do-all is a diaper bag! Best thing about canvas is that it gets classier as it gets rattier. Comes with a choice of colors, changing pad and a snap to close. Solid contender, Buffy.
Oh, and the price is up there because you're a mom now so you are a price-point customer. Mom-o-gram it for another $6.

Ella Maiden Medium Portsea: $720
Ella Maiden Med. Portsea BRW100% Handcrafted in Australia out of the best hand-shaved Australian cowhide. This Ella Maiden Medium Portsea tote & nappy bag is a brilliant alternative to the usual boring nappy bag. This unique bag will certainly make you stand out! It can also double as a large handbag, shopping bag and is also perfect to use travelling on the weekend or for overseas. Large secure zipper section in the middle of the bag. Extra side zip pocket and mobile phone holder. 3 sections in total. Long enough for foolscap paper work and your notebook or all your babby stuff. Handcrafted out of Brown & White or Black & White hand shaved genuine Australian cowhide. Measurements: W49 x H32 x D13 cm.

Juicy Couture: $129

juicyNothing says "I will not compromise" like a Juicy Couture Diaper bag. That and some $350 shades and a tight velour sweatsuit with the top zipped down to there. Oh, Mama! Terry cloth, comes in a choice of colors, none of them ever to be confused with your black breast-pumping bag. Also, a matching changing pad and baby bib. Darling touch. A little on the small side, (18" x 11") but that might keep you sane.
By the way, this bag usually sells for a lot more.

OiOi : $110

Need both hands free to push that stroller? Try this from the Aussies by OiOi made of jacquard print nylon microfiber. Nice that it comes with a side pocket for cell phones! This little beauty also comes in a choice of colors. And if you go to Baby Oliver, stay away from the paintings on canvas or you'll be buying more than a diaper bag, friend.

Petunia Pickle Bottom: $175

This is the hot bag of the day, the Coach of diaper bags. Pretty silk brocade-looking fabric with straps of the same. The changing pad zips out. Room for three bottles inside, outer cell phone pocket. Choice of colors and designs.
Suggestion: Coworkers, pony up for this if you want her to come back after maternity leave.

Diaper Bags - It's All in the Bag

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