. Monthly unique visitors. It is surprising how few publishing employees can state this exact total the way they can refer to their magazine's rate base, for example (if rate bases were reported monthly, the same issue would occur, I would imagine). So as an online publisher, release this data in a marketing sales sheet every month so all your employees are speaking off the same page. And salespeople need to be exact. Don't say "around 200,000"; give the specific number from the most recent month reported to sound more credible.2. Visits per month. This is a statistical vision of how your readers integrate your content into their lives. It is derived by dividing the total number of visits your site gets in a given month by the number of monthly uniques. For example, if a Web site has 40,000 unique visitors, and generates 80,000 visits a month, it is safe to say that your unique visitors come to your site on average twice a month.3. Pages viewed per visit. This metric paints a clear picture of what your average reader (or visitor) gets from each experience on your site. Whether they turn two pages or ten, this metric can be used effectively to tell a concise story regarding the intent of your readers when visiting your site.

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